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What classes do I need to get a security license?

You would have to take the 8 hour pre-assignment and 16 hour OJT classes.


What happens after I take the classes?

After taking the required classes, you will receive your certificates via email.


How do I get the physical security license?

After completing the classes, you would have to submit your certificates along with your fingerprint receipt, application and application fee ($36) to the Licensing Department.


Where can I get the security guard application?

The application is on our home page under "Helpful Information"


How do I get fingerprinted?

Fingerprinting is done by IDENTOGO, the link to schedule your fingerprint is on our home page under "Helpful Information"


Will you help me get a job?

We are a training school specializing in helping you get your security license, but we do put you in contact with security companies we do training for to help with your employment needs. 


How do I renew my license?

To renew your security license you would have to complete the required classes (one annual in-service class each year) and submit your renewal form to the licensing department. Renewal forms can only be received from the licensing department.